Getting sexy looking eyes just got simpler! Current celebrity trends have opened up a whole new wave of ways to get sexy looking eyes anyone can pull off at home. Bold colors and multiple shades are in vogue again and for all those fans of blue  – it’s back! Follow some simple steps and you too can have sexy eyes no one can resist staring into.

For a playful sexy look purple is the only option. Purple works with any eye color and is sure to separate you from everyone with the old traditional boring black eyeliner. Start with a purple eyeliner pencil – the bigger the better. Make a nice wide strip on the top lash line first and then repeat on the bottom.  The reason for this is you want  a thick bold line to tart working with – and remember to work from the outer to inner corner of your eyes.

Your next step is to smear the color on the top lid – use your finger for this. You want to make sure you work the color into the creases. Before you move on – grab that pencil again and make a second line over the original. This is going to help redefine things and set a multi-tone look.

To finish up hit your lashes with a dash of black mascara and you’re done. It really is that simple, and you have a look that is going to draw a ton of attention.

For an evening out that looks runway glamorous you’ll need to work with two tones – green and gold. Don’t be scared off by those colors, when used together they look fabulous. To get started apply a line of olive green liner just below the lower inner rim of your eye. Blink a few times to see how the color transfers to the upper rim, and then reapply the liner one more time to fill in where any color may have been lost.

Next you want to apply another olive green line along the lower lash line, Be very precise with this step. Now you want to switch to the gold tone and repeat the steps working around the green lines. Go slightly heavier on the top than the bottom.

To finish it off smudge the lines with a small shadow brush and apply mascara to top it off. In just a few minutes you have eyes that would rival the biggest start at the most glamorous of events.

For fans of blue that were dying for it to come back you are in luck – and this is the easiest look to pull off as it is just a matter of working below the eye – the top lid is left nude. The hot color this year is indigo blue so all you likely need to buy is a pencil in that shade. Make one thick line that runs the full length of the lower inner rim.

Next do the same but now do it along your lower lash line. Make sure this is a bold thick line. Then widen it out and make one more line just below the one you finished. Next smudge the lower line upward to your lashes so that any areas that are under-filled are addressed and the color looks like a solid block of sorts. Apply mascara and the look is complete. Simple, sexy, and sure to get raves!

While these looks may sound a little bold for some, don’t be bashful about trying them. The worst thing that can happen is you try one out and don’t like it. If you do not try on the other hand you’ll never know.