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It is sad to say but these days there comes a point in almost all relationships when it just doesn’t work anymore. There can be any number of reasons for this feeling, some rational and some a bit out there. Sometimes it has been time to move on longer than a person realizes or wants to admit to realizing. While each person is certainly an individual there are some sure signs it is time to break it off. For sake of consistency this is from the female perspective, it in no way means this does not work both ways.

The easiest way to know it is time to move on is by listening to your gut. Ask yourself if this is really a person that makes you feel special. Are they the best you can do or do you honestly realize you are settling just to say you have someone, anyone, to call your boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you just feel like there is something that gnaws at you telling you the trust you should have in a relationship just isn’t there? Do you feel like something is very out of place but can’t put your finger on it? In case you don’t trust your gut here are some sure fire signs to look for that it is time for you to move on.

The first sure sign is he doesn’t call anymore, and when he does it has the all to familiar tone of “I have nothing to do, come be with me.” If you are in a relationship and your beau fails to call you for days at a time and you have no contact with each other physically on the job, at school, or some such venue he really isn’t interested in you anymore. This sends a clear signal that he considers you an option, not the answer. As hard as it is to accept, if you have been intimate that may be the only reason he ever calls. If this fits your sweetheart it is time to move on.

He always takes control. By this it means no matter what you are doing it is always his choice and this doesn’t just apply to date locations. Take a quick mental inventory of how many decisions in the relationship you really make completely on your own and not from a list of options he gives you. Do you decide when you will go out or is it always done according to his schedule with you being expected to make it work? Does he ever tell you to go have fun with your friends only to change his mind and tell you to cancel so you can spend time with him? Does he tell you things you can and cannot do when you are apart? Does he do the things he tells you not to do like going to a club?

Does he tell you what to wear, or even worse which of your friends are okay to see without him present? Does he expect you to clear your plans not involving him with him so he may give you his blessing or voice his objection? Does he control the little things without asking you for input like the radio, television, people you will associate with even when out together etc…? If so it is beyond time to move on.

Does he always have an excuse? Try this example, you go out on a Saturday night date and spend the night afterwards. You go home the next day and he doesn’t call. Another day passes and yet another without a call. You leave a message or text and it goes unanswered. Finally you get a hold of him five days later and ask why he never called and he has an excuse like I didn’t know to call, I didn’t want to crowd you, I was busy, I never got the messages, my phone, email, etc… were all down at the same time. He does something he forbids you to do like go to a club but says it is okay because he is just being the wingman or some such thing for a friend. If he does this you are just being played and you have to move on or get a booking with a good therapist.

Does he ask you to do things that put you at risk or actually put you directly at risk against your choosing? An example may be someone you have just begun dating and are being intimate with for the first time that expects unprotected sex even if you are not on birth control. Maybe they espouse their love for you and and say they have unprotected sex all the time so it’s okay, they know how to be sure to not get you pregnant. Don’t bet on it! Maybe they ask you to do things in the bedroom you do not want to do repeatedly and then try to make you feel guilty or even tell you it proves you don’t care about them for not complying. You don’t need this type of person.

Maybe they know you have a substance abuse or drinking problem in your past but still insist on taking you to bars or parties where these substances will be the focus and they actually try goading you into just one drink as “just one won’t hurt!” It is time to drop him like a rock and cover him with dirt.

Does he keep you in the dark about his past? Is he unwilling to discuss his past loves using some lame excuse like it hurts too much to talk about? Does he only seem to get affectionate in public when he notices someone else looking at you? Like it or not this is someone with something to hide and you are little more than a trophy to be displayed. Maybe he just trots you out and stakes his claim to you as property as a means of getting other women interested in him, it’s not an unheard of thing, in fact it is done in bars and clubs every night around the world. The sad fact is he is already probably searching out your replacement. It is time to move on.

Be honest, are you the only one that is in a relationship? Are you kidding yourself into believing everything is equal and actually find yourself making excuses for him and rationalizing all the things he does that marginalize you? If you are willing to be a temporary fix for someone like the person outlined above happy sailing, renew your prozac. If however you value yourself get out of the relationship and don’t accept excuses as to why you should stick it out. It’s toxic, it’s going to hurt worse the longer you stay, and you just don’t deserve it. As the character Dr. Sidney Friedman once said on MASH, “Ladies and gentleman take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice.” Take his advice and slide away from this person. It is time to move on.


Obtaining old veteran’s military service records can be a great way to augment family histories or for use in any number of functions. The trick to getting them lies in who you are in relation to the veteran. As veterans service records, DD-214 form, are closely protected there are some very specific procedures to make the process go smoothly. Follow these few simple tips in the proper procedure and in not time you will have the records you are requesting.

The one trick to obtaining old veterans military service records is that the request must come from or be endorsed by the veteran or their next of kin assuming they are deceased. You will want to obtain a SF-180 form, fill it out completely and properly and return it to the Office of Military Personnel Files (OMPF). The SF-180 itself can be obtained from them, from any number of veterans service organizations located in local Federal buildings such as the Department of Veterans Affairs or in some cases if you are near a VA hospital from the patients advocate. The patients advocate can, depending on workload, sometimes help you fill the form out as well. If you are filling out the SF-180 on your own it is a good idea to make a photo copy to practice on. Original SF-180 forms are only accepted by mail (as their rules dictate) but oddly enough can be faxed as well.

Another option is to go to the National Archives website ( and use the evetrecs system to generate a request for a DD-214 form as well as medical records. With proper authorization you can obtain any records for a family member as far back as the Revolutionary War. In some cases you can obtain the records directly (At least a DD-214) from the state or county, but generally this is limited to the locality the veteran entered service or discharged to, however if they ever presented for benefits or care from that particular state or county it is possible they may have a copy available.

Requests for veterans records for a person whom is not your next of kin or that you can not obtain the proper signatures for must be processed with an SF-180 form, the evets system will not process these requests. Under these circumstances information can also be requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) although they can and often will restrict certain pieces of data. The remaining option is to hire a search firm in which to track down the records although some can get a bit steep in the fee structure.

In summary, if you are the next of kin you can file a request online through the national Archives and request any records they have on the veteran free of charge. If you are not a family member or next of kin you have to file the SF-180 or request information under FOIA. If you don’t have the proper information such as the veterans social security number, dates of service, etc… a private search firm may be your best option although the fee they charge is generally going to be directly proportionate to the amount of work they must put into the search.

The worst conditioners for your hair on the market may be a surprise to you, in fact they may be in your bathroom right now! Most people fall into the trap of going with a name brand or the highest price product on the store shelf assuming it will be the best. What all too often winds up happening is people get a poor product in a great package that still leaves there hair greasy, oily, and flat. In order to help avoid buying one of the conditioners that has been lowest rated by Total Beauty they are presented here for you. Take note, just because a conditioner is one of the lowest rated does not mean it will not work for some people, just that for most it has been found to be less than effective.

At number ten is Garnier Fructis Fortifying Curl and Shine Cream Conditioner. While Garnier is usually known for excellent products, this one is rated as a dud. The most common complaints are that while it does a good job of controlling the frizzies, it weighs hair down leaving it flat and and according to some respondents actually seems to make their hair get oily faster. If your willing to trade flat heavy hair that gets oily for a cure for the frizzies, by all means go with this conditioner.

Dove Advanced Care Conditioner looks like another dud. The bottle advertises “sheer moisture” but must people with dry hair said this did absolutely nothing for them but cost five bucks. Other complaints are that it does nothing to soften hair or fight the frizzies, and that it smells bad. Really bad. Enough that some wouldn’t use it even if it did everything promised on the bottle.

The eighth worst rated is the Aveda Blue Malva color conditioner which carries a price tag of $17! The claim of this conditioner is hat it will neutralize brassy tones, however the feedback is that it doesn’t do any such thing. Some respondents said that using a very large amount that if left to sit for five minutes or more does somewhat work, just not very well. What everyone seems to agree on however is that it does a great job of staining the tub or sink with a nice gray color that is no fun trying to remove.

TIGI Bedhead Control Freak Conditioner makes an appearance here by failing to control much of anything. The bottle looks great and at $12 it should because this will never sell based on the conditioner being any good. The most commons complaints are heavy hair and oily roots. Some people even claimed it made their hair hold a static charge because it dried out so quickly. Whatever this conditioner is doing, conditioning isn’t too high up on the list.

At $8.75 the vegan Lush Veganese is supposed to be a green persons best friend in the hair care department as evidenced by it’s $9 average cost. The problem is most people said this dried their hair out and left it in tangles. Others cited this made their hair course and rough and left them with no body at all. Apparently it somewhat controls fly-aways for those with thin hair, but not much else.

At the middle of the pack is the Alberto VO5 Silky Experiences Moisturizing conditioner. The good news is this only costs about $1.25. The bad news is that it isn’t even worth that. Not even with a coupon for 50% off. The most common complaint is flat dry hair you have to fight to get a comb through. Others said the conditioner smells okay in the bottle, but not so hot when it reaches their hair, and of course this does nothing to provide and body for your hair. Survey says- this is a loser!

At number four is Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner. For around $12 you would expect this does something good for your hair, but you would guess wrong. The overwhelming sentiment is it smells great but leaves your hair in a sticky oily mess that is impossible to manage. Others complained it left their hair stiff, and almost everyone said it appeared to do nothing but create more hair problems than before they used it.

Burt’s Bees More Moisture Raspberry & Brazil Nut Conditioner is a bit of a surprising loser with those who tried it. At $6 it isn’t too unreasonably priced, but what it delivers is unreasonably tangled hair that did nothing for curly or wavy hair. In fact one person responded they needed to use another conditioner after using this just to clean up the mess it made of her hair. Others said it made their hair stiff to the point the couldn’t comb through it.

The second worst conditioner of there at a cool $22 is Jonathan Product Condition Leave-In. At this price you would expect something besides a known name and fancy bottle, but again you would be expecting too much. One user said that this was “Sticky, heavy, and smells terrible.” She seemed to pretty much speak for the pack as nobody seemed to find any redeeming qualities in this conditioner. Other said it did nothing to soften hair, and still others cited that it made their skin breakout. For $22 you would expect more than stinky, smelly hair and an itchy scalp.

The worst conditioner of them all as ranked by the Total beauty study is surprisingly John Freida Brilliant Brunette Light Reflecting Moisturizing Conditioner. Think of everything bad that a conditioner can do and this one delivers on them. heavy unmanageable brittle hair with a funky smell that builds up oils like a tanker spilled. That’s about what this conditioner holds in store for its users. Add in that it doesn’t even deliver a little luster and even at only several dollars this is a huge loser.

As said before, these will work for some people, but for most the were a big bust. they just didn’t deliver what their labels promised and generally caused more hair problems than existed before using them. If you’re looking for a new conditioner, these may be the ones you want to avoid.

The Google toolbar is loaded with gadgets, some are fun, others are aimed at news, and some are great for writers. At first glance you may look at some Google toolbar gadgets and wonder “how is that going to help me write?”, so here, several of the best Google toolbar gadgets for writers will be identified and an explanation as to how they can help your writing will be detailed. It must be stated  that these gadgets are primarily aimed at online writers, however most can help people doing research for their offline writing as well.

Diving right in, the first thing you will need  to do is download the Google toolbar 5. This will allow you the greatest ease of use and allow for the widest variety of toolbar gadgets. The Google toolbar 5 can be added to any browser, so even if you do not use Google as your default browser you can still reap the benefits.  The download process is simple and quick and it is not an “eyesore” of a toolbar so that is a nice fringe benefit.

Once your Google toolbar 5 is installed you will notice several icons or gadgets that appear as a default. Subtract any from the toolbar, or simply hide them, if you do not feel they will be of use to you. Next you want to begin searching out and adding gadgets to help you with your writing process by clicking the blue plus sign (+). Below are some that are of particular use to online writers.

* The Google page rank bar – This will provide a number on a scale of 1 to 10 that ranks each page you visit. To make it easier to estimate traffic on a page the gadget is a white bar that fills in a shade of green going left to right. The greener the bar, the more traffic a page is getting. This helps you track in round terms how any page you have created is doing.

The second benefit of this is that in the drop down menu for this gadget you can check for cached versions of a page and backward links which helps you find where your material has links leading to it if any.  It is not perfect, and sometimes does not find links from sources that have negligible page rank, but for speed and ease this is still very useful.

* In online writing the name of the game is getting read – traffic equals money. To help drive more traffic make sure you have the share button. The share button is a great gadget because with one click you can send whatever page you want to your blog accounts, email accounts, Facebook, Digg, etc… This makes getting the word out that you wrote something new fast and easy.

* If you write about current events regularly you want the get news gadget. This will deliver the latest breaking and biggest news stories directly to you. It highlights the latest six or so stories to hit the air and then allows you to view a more comprehensive listing by clicking the more link in the bottom right corner.

* If you find yourself stuck for a word or the spell check you are using insists you have something wrong, having a dictionary and thesaurus on your toolbar always comes in handy. There is no need to leaf through your hardback editions or leave a page to pull up an online dictionary or thesaurus elsewhere with these gadgets. The answers are only a click away and save a ton of time over the long haul.

* Online writing is no longer secular – it is global and so is your audience. One way to set your content apart from others is by providing comprehensive information for your readers. A single area that is often problematic for writers – especially those that do product reviews or articles of that nature in which money is involved is currency conversion.

The Google toolbar has a handy conversion gadget which will convert dollars, pounds, euros, or anything else to whatever currency you desire. if you know you are writing something that will interest both U.S. and UK readers, being able to provide accurate prices  in dollars and pounds (euros is a nice touch to add as well) is a great thing to be able to do.  This also helps if you are suggesting a product sold in a foreign country to readers where you live as some may net be aware of how much money  100,000 yen is for example.

* Have you ever had trouble finding research material on a niche topic because most of the best looking information is written in a foreign language? Maybe not – yet – but eventually most prolific writers that do a large amount of knowledge based content do run into that very problem. To get over that hump, the Google toolbar translate gadget is the answer. Getting what you need in a language you can read is as simple as two clicks.

There are numerous Google toolbar gadgets that can be of use to you depending on your area of writing including:

* The calorie composition counter
* All-in-one search
* Inflation calculator
* The Google Adwords trend tracker
* Credit card calculator
* Domain WHO.IS – just in case you want to find out who is using your articles without your permission
* The cost of living calculator

The key to using Google toolbar gadgets to make you writing easier, faster, and more accurate is identifying the particular toolbar gadgets that will benefit you the most. If you write about financial matters mostly – pick the gadgets geared towards that. If you write to get high SEO and Google Adword revenue – pick the gadgets aimed at that. The toolbar gadgets are only helpful if you actually use them – and now that you know where they are and what they can do it’s time to make them work for you.

The iPad has been out long enough that people have figured out how to make it do things that the manual never discusses. Whether it is just a matter of the right people knowing what to look for, manipulating the way the things were meant to be done (without voiding the warranty of course), or something stumbled upon by mistake, the iPad is full of neat tricks. How useful they are is debatable, but for the curious here are some iPad tips and tricks.

 If you need to restart your iPad you do not have to power it down. Likewise there is an easier way get out of an application that freezes. To perform a soft restart, hold the top power button and the front home button at the same time for about 3 seconds. It really is that simple and it isn’t in the manual. When an iPad app freezes up, hold the home button for a few seconds and it will force the application to quit. These options are so much easier than a full power down.

Copying text is easy – you just double tap a word and you’re good go. The problem that everyone is complaining about is copying a paragraph of text at a time. The highlighting system using the blue knobs you have to stretch to highlight a full body of text is clunky and annoying. There is a limited solution however. The limit is it only works to highlight a block at a time. To highlight a full block of text on an iPad, tap it 4 times and you’re done and ready to paste in wherever you need to. Sure it is slower than ideal to do it a paragraph at a time, but it is still way better than using the knobs.

One thing that really stinks about the iPad new owners are discovering is that the iBooks app is a loser. Unlike the iPod that lets you import whatever you have, the iPad iBooks app only supports ePub in that regard. You’re free to BUY hot new releases for the iBook store, but if you happened to buy that hot new book from anywhere but the iBook store you will not be reading it on your iPad. This means there is a ton of stuff you can’t download and read. The offered selection of free iPad books on a whole stinks, but you can get around it to a degree. Project Gutenberg offers about 30,000 ePub books for free that iPad will recognize. The downside is that you won’t get anything new – just publications that have already seen their copyright expire.

To mute the iPad so you don’t get any embarrassing audio blasts at the worst possible time, hold the volume button for 2 or 3 seconds and you’ll be safe. It doesn’t sound like a big deal unless you are one of the many people that has already struggled with the inability to slap down a blanket mute on their iPad which meant constantly having to power up and down all day just to make sure it behaved.

If you need a screenshot – one you can actually read – push the home and power button on the top for about a half second. Be careful not to do it longer. Once you’ve done it correctly you’ll have an iPad screenshot that is of a 768×1024 resolution.

Scrolling web pages is a chore on the iPad unless you know the trick not in the manual. Suppose you are reading a friends blog or an article and reach the bottom, but realize you need to get to the top of the page again to find something or go to a new section of a site. As is, the only information in the manual regarding scrolling is to keep dragging your finger up and down the screen creating even more smudges the screen is highly prone to. A better way to get to the top of the page is to just tap the title bar. Instantly you’re at the top again and have a lot fewer smudges to wipe clean.

The iPad email preview feature stinks. Seeing two lines of email previews isn’t really helping at all. Something that worked on the iPhone that works on the iPad but to a much better degree is manipulating the settings so you can see several email lines at once.

To do this go to your settings and select “Mail.” Then go to contacts and calendars and choose “5 Lines” under preview. It is that easy of a fix. While you are doing that you may want to opt to change your email from manual to automatic so that your email is always updated and waiting for you. That convenience comes at the cost of draining your battery a lot faster, but for some users that may be a fair trade off.

According to Gizmodo’s Joel Johnson, there is a way to get all those high resolution videos your iPad won’t play – or even download – to work. What you need to do is adjust the resolution so that it is lower than 1080p to the 720p setting. For detailed instructions, see his post at Gizmodo.

One final that stinks about the default iPad settings is only have 4 apps (icons) in the bottom tray at one time. There is a way to get two more iPad apps on the tray however. What you need to do is click the icon and hold it as you would to rearrange them. Once you unlock their positions all you have to do is drag another one or two apps to the bottom tray and you just increased it’s holding capacity. That is as much as will fit unless someone discovers a downsizing trick. For sake of ease having 6 iPad app slots is way better than 4.

While not all of these tips will appeal to every user’s needs, they are handy and easy and do not appear in the manual. So far, must of the tips and tricks that worked on corresponding iPhone properties work on the iPad but not all do. Keep that in mind as you experiment, and also be careful not to do anything voids your warranty or breaks the law.

Finding the perfect gift for a teen girl is almost as hard as finding two identical fingerprints as the things that are high on their list of favorites changes with the wind it seems. There are however some great gifts that are almost sure to please in the $50 to $200 range if you do a little leg work. Sure you can always give cash or buy a gift card which they will certainly use and appreciate, but if you want to really see them light up and you yourself want to feel like you gave the gift of the year, try some of these ideas on for size.

If the girl in question is a music lover a download gift card is going to elicit a thank you, it’s not something that is really exciting or unique. Buying CD’s and concert videos is okay, but again do you really know their full music collection? Odds are you don’t and you’ll duplicate in whole or part something they already have. What option do you have for giving the gift of music then? Give them concert tickets! You may have to snoop a little bit to identify what performers are high on their list at the moment, but once you figure this out you are halfway there. Check the local listings to see if any of them will be appearing in the next month or two. Depending on how much you want to spend will determine which show to choose and the number of tickets you buy. There’s no fun in going alone so be prepared to buy at least two tickets so she can bring a friend. It is not only a great night out, but a great lifetime memory and you will be the coolest gift giver ever!

Cellphones are the cornerstone of every teen girls life it seems and more than likely the one you’re shopping for is no different. A new cellphone is always popular and in demand! This is a gift that will get used constantly. Supposing there is no need for a new cellphone then consider expanding their coverage plan. Text messaging is just a fact of life for teen girls and depending on which end of the spectrum you want to stay near you can up their coverage under most carriers to an extra 250 messages a month to unlimited messaging. Believe me, this will go over huge! If it’s your teen daughter you are buying for it’s even better because it will cut down on those bills chock full of charges for all those messages that went over the existing monthly plan which saves you money as well making this a practical two-way gift.

For the fashion conscious teen, especially the girly girl type, something from their favorite designer is always a hit. As many designer products are out of a teen girls range to purchase on their own. It is possible to identify something even in the $50 range from a designer line, but it is going to be more likely that you will have to plan in going over $100. The designers that are always in demand with most teen girls are Donna Karan (DKNY), L.A.M.B (The Gwen Stefani owned line), Dolce and Gabbana, or on the lower end Harajuku Lovers. An outfit is nice but you will likely do better to look at their line of accessories, especially handbags, cellphone accessories, and things of that nature. Having the “right” bag is always a must and will get plenty of use.

Perfume is a woman’s most powerful accessory so it is always a safe purchase. It may sound boring, but the right scent is always a great gift. Unfortunately for most teens the “right” perfume is a very expensive perfume by their standards as they can easily run over $100 dollars for just an ounce in some cases. Being able to identify what it is they like and getting it for them will go over as good as almost anything you can buy. Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger is a popular choice on the low end of this scale, Prada has several offerings on the higher end that are sure to please as well.

Teen girls also like to be pampered, and providing that never goes out of style. A gift basket of bath oils is always popular. Jo Malone offers an assortment of six bath oils that runs about $70 but with some smart shopping you can find it for less. On the upper end of the scale you can generally buy her a spa day, or at least a spa afternoon where she can literally be waited on hand and foot. She will walk out feeling and looking great! This is a gift that has never let me down in the past and it never goes unappreciated.

Depending on how well you really know the girl in question, buy them something related to a hobby or passion. For artists a great set of paints or a couple large canvasses to work on are always appreciated as they are expensive. A magazine subscription, or even as many as three related to their interests are always fairly popular and cost efficient these days as some can be had for under $10. Just be sure it is something they will actually read.

The key to giving a great gift is knowing the girl you’re buying for. Don’t get carried away, remain reasonable and stay within the price range you have set up. Stuffing cash and gift cards in a card is always an option, but to really give them something they will love do your homework, try some of these ideas out, and watch how your gift is the one they talk about well into the future.

Celebrity hairstyles are always in vogue, but not everyone has the money to spend duplicating the looks of stars like Jennifer Aniston, Rhianna or Katie Holmes. Luckily there are some simple steps women can follow to get the same look as many top name stars at home without spending a bundle of money. The key is all in knowing how the hairdressers to the stars pull it off.

Certain celebrities have a signature hairstyle that is nearly timeless. Below, several celebrity hairstyles will be outlined that you can DIY – after getting the initial cut, in some cases. Some are easier than others, but all are attainable. With a little practice, you’ll have no trouble pulling these styles off anytime you want to.

Kristen Stewart styles a retro rocker – almost punk – shag that takes very little to copy and looks fabulous. Think of Joan Jett’s 70’s hairstyle with a little update. The first step is when you see your stylist, have your cut at different lengths, after that it is all on you. Apply a texturizing spray to your hair and then blow dry the strands while working your fingers slightly upward and out. This will add volume and help create what can best be described as a controlled mess. To dress it up, twist in some pin curls around your ears and you’re ready for a night on the town.  The look is fast, simple and flatters almost any facial shape.

Rhianna’s punk pixie look is as hot a look as there is. Have your stylist cut your hair long on the top and short on the sides, and you’re prepared to mimic any of several hairstyles Rhianna uses. By doing nothing more than changing the location of the part, you have a new look. You can spray into a slicked back look, flip the ends, add some curls, or go with a modified Mohawk. It’s all your choice and they all look great.

Beyonce has phenomenal hair and most everyone is intimidated by the prospect of trying to copy her super smooth strands. Granted that doing so takes a ton of time, but it can be done. To start, you need a good anti-frizz cream that you must smooth over all of your hair – not just the outer layers. Next, set your blow dryer to hot and paddle brush your hair until any tangles are removed and your hair is somewhat tamed and free of frizzies.

The next step is to work through your hair with a fine tooth comb before getting out the hair straightening iron. Do not use the straightening iron too close to the scalp – use the fine tooth comb just ahead of the iron and very slowly work your way all the way to the ends. Try not to work with strands that are more than an inch wide. It will take time, but it can be done.

To get a hairstyle like Gwyneth Paltrow, you will need to straighten your hair in the same manner as outlined for Beyonce, but the biggest thing is that you need to match her color. About a half inch from your roots, you need to streak your hair all over using a light golden blond dye. In order to maintain the look as long as possible, use a product specifically designed for dyed blond hair like Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo. It’s simple, classy and always looks good.

Finally, Kim Kardashian has curls to die for. Replicating her hairstyle is fairly simple in all actuality. After washing your hair, make sure that you keep the roots damp. Then spray in a volumizer and blow dry your hair, but do not dry it completely. Stop when you are about three-quarters of the way done. Clip your top layers – not the bottom –  and break out the blow dryer. Using a round brush, start wrapping a small section around it and blow dry until the section is completely dry. Repeat the process until you have finished. When you are done, you will have bombshell curls. Wait five minutes and then release the pinned sections of your hair. To change things up a bit, you can do a little twist on the top layers for extra body.

These are five celebrity hairstyles that will work on most any woman. They just take a little time and practice to perfect. Aside from some help with the cut, you can do these on your own at little or no cost.

Healthy skin is the product of many factors, some we can control and other we can’t. While there is no truly magic formula that will make skin healthy that works for everyone until well into their golden years, there are steps everyone can take to keep their skin as healthy as possible as long possible. With a little dedication and common sense, you can follow a little friendly advice and keep that glow as long as possible.

The first thing to understand is that as we age our skin loses elasticity and and produces fewer natural oils than it once did. On top of that our skin gets thinner, so there are some serious curve balls nature throws at us. These all contribute to skin that sags, wrinkles, looks dried out, and just plain old bad.

To combat this there are a few easy steps to hold mother nature at bay as long as possible without having to go under the plastic surgeons knife or turn to wonder drugs and and miracle creams seen on television.

1. Limit your sun exposure. Plastic surgeons are quick to point out that people going for that sun-kissed look are the bread and butter of many practices. The sun may make your skin look great with tan when you’re in your twenties, but it sure doesn’t do it any favors later. When you are going to be in the sun for a prolonged period of time, go for a daily sunscreen with an SF of 30 or higher.

2. Realize that what goes into your body makes a big difference on how your body looks on the outside. Drink plenty of water everyday as good hydration is essential to healthy looking skin. Coffee and sodas taste great but the dehydrate us and our skin pays for it. Quit smoking! Smoking robs the body of Vitamin A and gives skin a sallow hue, plus it will help you live longer. Eat plenty of fresh fruits an vegetables, the antioxidants will do wonders when it comes to keeping skin looking youthful. A daily multivitamin can help if your diet is less than optimal to increase your odds of having healthy skin.

3. Consider a supervised detox plan to rid your body of toxins. While this isn’t necessary for most people it is an option some are willing to exercise and it certainly doesn’t hurt.

4. Exercise and rest in proper amounts. Exercise is good for the body, mind, and skin! Exercise reduces stress which leads to wrinkles appearing long before they should. Actually any form of activity that reduces stress is going to help keep your skin healthy, even writing or doing a crossword puzzle. Get your 7-8 hours of sleep each night. When you skimp on sleep you rob your body of it’s time to recharge which means that your body doesn’t perform to it’s best and doesn’t repair daily “damage” as quickly as possible.

5. use some common sense. Keep yourself clean, for ladies (and some men) use quality cosmetics, exfolliate on a regular schedule, and monitor your diet!

Keeping your skin healthy and fighting off father time isn’t really that difficult nor is it expensive or painful. The best thing is that if you are following these steps for keeping your skin healthy you’ll keep your body and most likely mind healthier as well.

Business Tycoon Online, better known as BTO, is a Facebook game that bills itself as being a simulation that takes a player from nothing to building a global empire. The player chooses what industry they have interest in, they begin by building their first storefront, and then they expand. Players are then guided through the process by accepting challenges in a specific order to meet the growth goals and become a business tycoon. It sounds like a great concept, but does that also make for a great game?

The problem with the game, as most people cite in the online chat box that streams real time say, is that the game is awful. After spending better than three hours playing, that is a pretty tame assessment. There is absolutely no skill, planning, or challenge to the game. All you do is choose a mission and click on the arrows that are highlighted for you to follow. Any deviation takes you back to the quest to repeat it until you follow the order of arrow clicks laid out. You would think that ends after the tutorial ends but it doesn’t.

The concept of the game is good, it has worked for many different developers with great success time and again. Where BTO fails is that it removes control from the players. As a player, you actually make no choices aside from logging in or logging out. You do get to choose where your stores are located and who you hire however – neither of which seems to change the manner the game plays out in the least.

What the game does do however is nag you to add it to your like list, nag you to add it to your bookmarks, and nag you to stay logged in so you can get lousy mystery gifts. If BTO gave you the actual ability to succeed or fail based on your choices it would actually be a game. What BTO is in actuality is a pretty poorly developed from a strategy standpoint. The user interface is a mess, the challenges hold no challenges, and it seems like the only thing you need to do to succeed is continue logging in and clicking on the green arrows. The one thing that is decent is the graphics, but they are nowhere near cool enough to make this worth losing even seconds of your life on. (Public Benefit Guaranty Corporation) helps people find lost money. This is not a scam site aimed at getting your private information, nor is it a site that is going to request any money from you to provide their services. This is a legitimate organization which was designed to operate under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act in 1974 to make sure that every individual that has money coming to them for their retirement gets that money.

The concept of the site is simple in that it matches your information to the information in their database to see if you have any outstanding funds owed to you which have gone unclaimed. The thing about the PBGC is that they are not all encompassing regarding any form of unclaimed money. They specifically deal with money in various pension/retirement plans which have gone unclaimed.

While many people assume that they already know every penny they are due and have no need for such a service – think again. In the past 30 plus years it has become increasingly common for people to change jobs. Not everyone realizes that even in jobs they may have worked very briefly, they may have unknowingly paid into a pension plan. A person may assume that because a company they worked for went out of business or was sold that anything paid into a pension was lost.

Another overlooked issue is that people often forget if they do not update things like change of address or perhaps a changed name with each employer they have paid into a pension fund with, they may not be able to locate you – even with your social security number. It may seem hard to believe, but it happens. When funds paid to an individuals pension accounts slip through the cracks, are forgotten by the individual, or have somehow changed hands a few times through corporate sales and mergers, PBGC is the one place that is keeping track of it all.

Here is the real skinny on PNGC – they are not going to contact you to make sure you get money owed to you. It is wholly your responsibility to actively request an unclaimed money search. They are not going to ask you for anything more than your last name, the company you are searching, and the state you were employed in. They will not request your address, phone number, social security number, or anything other than the above three points of reference.

Everyone is cautioned to take extreme care should they be contacted by anyone claiming to be from the PBGC or working for a company that works in conjunction with the PBGC. Any contacts with the PBGC that you did not personally initiate should be considered a phishing attempt. The sure tip offs that you have been targeted by a scammer using the PBGC name are that they contacted you for starters, they will usually request personally identifying information, and they will almost always request a processing fee.  Also note the address of the sender – PBGC is a .Gov address, not a ,Com or .Org.

To find out if you may have unclaimed funds waiting for you, visit and follow their simple steps. They also provide a wealth of supporting information regarding what to do in case funds for a deceased family member have gone unclaimed and countless other scenarios in a comprehensive yet concise and easy to follow manner.