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Foods that can boost you brain power are all around you and good for your body as well. Some of them even taste pretty good so you don’t have to worry about eating a can of lima beans everyday trying to keep those neurons firing at peak capacity. Of course what some people find tasty may seem pretty nasty to others, but by trying out some of the following foods you’ll be giving your brain and body a treat without spending much money or any special recipes.

One of the best and easiest ways to start your day off is with a breakfast consisting of orange juice and whole grain cereal. Both have plenty of folic acid which helps you process information faster and boosts your memory as well. Other sources of folic acid are lentils, soybeans, green peas, and broccoli. Those work just as well but don’t really taste as good or make for a great breakfast usually, but they are suited for any other meal during the day.

A McLean Hospital study which is an affiliate of Harvard University has discovered in recent studies that citicoline boosts mental energy and efficacy. They say it takes 500mg per day to reach a beneficial value which is a bit high and why they recommend a supplement, but if you want to get it all natural there are options. Choline which is converted to citicoline in the brain can be found in cauliflower and peanuts. As peanuts are a perfect on the go snack and a good source of protein as well they are usually considered the most likely natural source for citicoline.

Salmon and sardines are chock full of omega3 fatty acids which have long been touted as a great memory booster. If you’re not much on either of those fish, as many people aren’t, you can try herring or mackerel. The best thing is you only need one serving per week to reap the benefits and “think” up to three years younger according to a Rush University Medical Center Study.

According to a medical study conducted by Harvard University which ran for 25 years, one of the best ways to boost brain power is to eat plenty of vegetables, the more the better in fact. According to their findings, the 13,000 women whom participated in the study that regularly ate sprouts, spinach, and broccoli did in fact test better on studies regarding memory and processing speed than those who did not. The best results tended to belong to the women that ate the most vegetables so enjoy a salad at lunch (or anytime) and you are on your way to a sharper mind.

A final way to boost brainpower by adjusting your diet is to take in plenty of antioxidants. The antioxidants are very simple to get because they are found in natural snacks like plums, grapes, and berries. It is important to get a dose of these everyday because they come with the added bonus of containing anthocyanin which researchers believe may help slow down and possibly even reverse age related memory loss. Try to stick to blueberries, dark grapes, and even red apples to pack in the most benefits possible.

Eating healthy to boost brain power is simple and it doesn’t mean you have to eat things that taste bad or are expensive. Just try to make a point to get in a little bit of each group each day and in no time you, and likely others as well, will notice the difference.


Each December the minds of many turn towards their annual celebration of Festivus. Like many holidays, the origins of Festivus have been forgotten and the meaning twisted into something different than was initially intended. Before you put up the Festivus pole this year, it would do well to look back on Festivus and remember the true meaning of the day.

Festivus is the brainchild of Frank Costanza. As he once related in a conversation with Cosmo Kramer, the inspiration for Festivus struck him like a bolt of lightning.
Frank Costanza: Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a doll for my son. I reached for the last one they had, but so did another man. As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way.
Cosmo Kramer: What happened to the doll?
Frank Costanza: It was destroyed. But out of that a new holiday was born … a Festivus for the rest of us!

The main componenets of Festivus are fairly simple. The key is remembering Festivus truly is for the rest of us. It is the holiday for the regular person sick of the commercialism that has overtaken nearly every other holiday on the calendar. It is the day to wipe the slate clean and be reborn and reinvigorated for yet another year of being beaten down by the man.

To start things off you need to set up your Festivus pole. The Festivus pole is the first major component of the holiday. It has to be aluminum as that has the best strength to weight ratio according to Frank. The Festivus pole is never decorated as that leaves too much room for commercialism to creep in and taint the sanctity of the symbol. Besides that a bare aluminum pole requires no watering, has no shedding needles, is easy to store, and requires no assembling or disassembling making it a perfect low maintenance choice.

The Festivus dinner should be equally low maintenance, something along the lines of spaghetti or meat loaf. A red sauce is optional for meatloaf but it does add a little something to the meal. Simple staple items should round out the meal like bread, maybe a salad, and dessert is a possibility, however it may get lost in the shuffle of the other Festivus activities.

While drinking alcohol was not a part of the original Festivus meal, it really couldn’t hurt. It makes the airing of grievances a bit more palatable. It makes family in general a bit more tolerable. It also encourages freer speech. Plan to make a strong ale, bourbon, rum, and wine available. It really does help.

At the beginning of the meal whomsoever is the

head of the family begins the traditional “Airing of Grievances.” The airing of grievances should always begin with the phrase “I’ve got a lot of problems with you people, and now you’re going to hear about it.” The purpose of the airing of grievances is not to actually hurt anyone, it is a therapeutic way to let people know in great detail the many ways they let you down over the course of the year. While the person airing their grievances unburdens them self, the people being aired out learn their many shortcomings and have a laundry list of improvements they need to work towards before next Festivus.

After the airing of grievances and meal has passed the final element of Festivus is the “Feats of Strength.” The head of the family can choose anyone present at the table (Including the kids table because it is good to learn life isn’t fair as early as possible) to a contest of strength. It can be rather mundane like arm wrestling, but the true followers of Festivus engage in a wrestling match. The match is not over until the head of the family says so. Dirty fighting ie; hair pulling, eye poking/gouging, biting, kicking, use of foreign objects, and even groin stuff is allowed.

There is a feats of strength loophole which states that a chosen opponent may decline the challenge if he or she has something better to do. What constitutes better to do is solely at the discretion of the head of the family. Having to drop a deuce has traditionally been the best out as is anything involving the word “explosive” connected to any bodily function. Someone must accept the challenge however as Festivus is not over until the feats of strength has been completed.

At times a Festivus miracle is experienced although the nature of Festivus miracles is not what many consider good fortune. A typical Festivus miracle would be along the lines of wrongful incarceration, being dumped for something that isn’t your fault, being mugged, running into an ex and their gorgeous new spouse when you are alone and looking disgusting in worn out pit stained sweats or a similar occurrence. When encountered by such an event it is considered proper form to announce in a booming voice “It’s a Festivus miracle!”

In lieu of giving actual gifts it is acceptable to send cards to people announcing you have made a sizable donation in their name to any made up charity of your choice. The “Human Fund” whose motto is “Money for people” is a traditional favorite. If you get busted, simply shout “It’s a Festivus miracle!” and make some comment about it being a part of your spiritual beliefs and that usually keeps people too frightened to push further and be politically incorrect/insensitive.

While this has all been rather tongue in cheek based on the famous Seinfeld portrayals of Festivus, Festivus is an actual, but obscure holiday. The first Festivus was celebrated in February of 1966 by Daniel O’Keefe whose son went on to land a job as a writer on Seinfeld. Festivus was initially celebrated to mark the day Daniel had his first date with his future wife Deborah. So far as things like the airing of grievances go, they are real! The difference was that the O’Keefe family initially spoke them into a microphone and played the tapes for each other on Festivus rather than the modern stream of consciousness delivery used today.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a cosmetic procedure which is coming into play with regular women more and more with each passing year. As it is something that many people still consider to be quite novel there are plenty of misconceptions as to what can and cannot be done to enhance the look and sensation in this area. While vaginal rejuvenation is technically considered a cosmetic procedure, thanks in large part to insurance companies, the possibilities go well beyond the basic and dip into the exotic.

To keep things as simple as possible we will go step by step into an exploration of what can be done, how it is done, and what you can reasonably expect. Figures for the cost of the procedures will not be provided as they vary too wildly depending on the surgeon and where they are located. Also please keep in mind that vaginal rejuvenation procedures are serious and not necessarily for everyone and full caution should be taken with any procedure, which particularly means choosing a reputable board certified surgeon.

Vaginal rejuvenation can best be described as procedures designed to strengthen and increase support of the pelvic region including the pelvic floor muscles as well as the vaginal walls. Exterior procedures include such things as labiaplasty. A somewhat newer twist on vaginal rejuvenation is G-Spot enhancement which is designed to provide women the possibility of better orgasms through better stimulation, although only temporary. At this point, the procedures designed to strengthen and tighten the vagina and pelvic region that have gone through child birth, weakening after surgery, and the general impact of aging are the most popular.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR) is an outpatient procedure that generally takes no more than two hours to complete. The main focus of the procedure is to enhance sexual experiences by tightening the vaginal walls. The purpose of this is that with a tighter vagina friction is increased which creates a more pleasurable experience for both the woman and her partner. LVR does this by enhancing muscle tone after vaginal relaxation has allowed things downstairs to loosen up. The perineal body is strengthened or re-supported as well to further increase the overall effect.

From a historic perspective LVR is actually an offshoot of a procedure that was designed as a gynecological procedure to treat stress created by urinary incontinence. The procedure was tweaked to make this a minimally invasive procedure in which the pinpoint control of the a laser could be used to stimulate the muscles to tighten after this was observed as a somewhat temporary “side effect” of the procedure for urinary incontinence. The benefits of the procedure aside from the tightening of the muscles is that it is fairly quick, there is very little blood loss, and the healing is very quick. It is not a permanent procedure as the vaginal muscles may relax again over time, but it is considered a fairly long lasting procedure depending on a persons sexual practices.

Labiaplasty (Also known as Vulvar Surgery or VS) is the reshaping of the labia minora which is the exterior vaginal skin which hoods the clitoris and covers the vaginal opening. The reasons women have a labiaplasty are numerous, but the two most common are to allow sex to be more comfortable, or to address any negative attitudes they may have about the appearance of their vagina. In the case of women with a prominent labia minora intercourse can at times be painful, so in their case the decision is fairly obvious. So far as aesthetics go, some women just do not like the way their vagina looks and feel that a nip and tuck here and there will make a big difference in their own self perception of their anatomy.

While the overwhelming majority of women have a reduction of the labia, there are at times scattered instances in which the labia is increased, but this is an extreme rarity outside of the transsexual community die to the need for skin grafts and the relative lack of spongysium tissue to work with. Labiaplasty is an outpatient procedure in which little pain beyond anything that would be considered minor has been reported by most women. As there are few complications most women can rerun to work or normal activities after a bout 5 days with sexual activity being possible within 4-6 weeks in most cases. The procedure itself is about an hour long and is performed under general anesthesia. With the advances that have been made in cosmetic surgery just in the past decade alone the overall look that is achieved can be highly individualized and still look completely natural.

The technical aspects of a labiaplasty (reduction) general flows along the following pattern. The labia minora is is reduced to adjust symmetry so that the exterior look is as normal as possible making sure there is little or no “hanging” of the lips or too exaggerated an overlap. Any portion that may interfere with the clitoris aside from the natural hood is reduced, and under certain circumstances

the clitoral hood itself may be reduced as well. There is minimal scarring but in general they are not visible unless someone is clued into looking for them. The sensitivity does remain barring the slim possibility of infection that may potentially cause necrotic flesh. After surgery you will need to wear a pad and the application of ice to the area during the first 5 days after surgery is suggested to help with any swelling issues.

Hymenoplasty is also referred to at times by the slang “re-virgination.” While some find this to be an ethically questionable procedure due to the manner it is marketed, for the most part it is hardly a major issue. This is as near to a purely “me” procedure as there is since it really does little to improve a persons sex life and nothing or the outwardly cosmetic appearance of the vagina. In general the reason a person has this procedure is to attempt to meet religious or societal beliefs and pressures. In general most women who seek this do so prior to marriage as what many feel is an attempt to present themselves as virgins. This is a procedure which is not reviewed in teaching facilities or during residencies, yet as it increases in popularity, this may change before long.

The procedure itself is very simple and generally takes less than one hour under general anesthesia. It involves nothing more than laying a track of dissolving stitches to reconnect the skin membrane that covered vaginal opening prior to it being broken. The pain involved is considered minimal and the recovery time is about 6 weeks in most patients. The end result if the procedure is that it allows for a second breaking of the hymen which will include the pain and bleeding that was experienced the first time all over again.

Finally there is G-Spot Amplification which is designed to heighten the sexual experience for the woman. Technically speaking this isn’t really a surgery so much as it is a shot of a human bioengineered collagen product. The shot is considered painless and is performed under local anesthesia in a doctors office. The injection itself takes about 8 seconds to administer in which a tailored dose of collagen is delivered directly to the G-Spot. The procedure start to finish usually takes no more than 15 minutes, most of which is administering and waiting for the local to take effect. The shot then increases the size of the G-Spot to something about the size of a U.S. quarter with a projection from it that is about 3-5mm. The shot generally lasts as long as 4 months, but if a woman would like to maintain the benefits of this it is suggested they repeat the procedure every three months. At this point no complications have been noted about the G-Spot shot.

At this time these are the most common vaginal rejuvenation procedures which are taking place. In the future more may follow. Please do take these procedures seriously as any procedure you put your body through has the potential for complications. Make sure you have an up to date physical and expect that a pre-screening will be necessary before any of these are approved. Vaginal rejuvenation is not for everyone, just as breast implants are not for everyone, and is a highly personal choice so do what you feel is best for you and you alone, after all it is your body.

Getting information on a flight online is very easy at In fact, of all the sites which do almost nothing but track every commercial flight in the world, may be the most popular. Aside from being kind of cool to play around with, having easy online access to flight information is very practical. For anyone that has ever tried to call an airline or airport and find out any sort of information about a flight that has already taken off, even if it is something simple like whether the flight is on time, it can be a frustrating situation. is possibly the best online flight tracker around. What makes it so popular is that the interface is very easy to use and it updates with great regularity. Beyond that, it is pretty fun to use. All that you need to get started is the name of the airline and flight number you are looking for and you are in. As soon as that information is provided you will see a map appear that shows you exactly where the flight is in the air. If you want more information than that however, you can get the detailed flight report, and by detailed, they really do mean detailed.

While most people get the detailed flight report to see the flight progress bar which tells how long a flight has until it is scheduled to make its final approach, it also provides the full route, how many miles are left on the flight, airspeed, altitude, an for some real giggles, the least amount of money spent to purchase a ticket on the flight as well as the average ticket cost and highest ticket cost. When you see a flight with one person paying $60 and another upward of $1,500, it really makes you wonder.

You may wonder why anyone would need all that information, but think about this for a second. You need to go to the airport to pick someone up, but you know how unreliable and hard to get information on an active flight can be. Without having to rely on finding someone to help you, you can log in, find out if a flight was diverted, if it is in a holding pattern, and even sometimes where the flight is in the waiting queue in the holding pattern which lets you know how long you have until it actually lands and unloads. With that kind of information you know if you have some extra time before you need to leave, or if you are at the airport already, extra time to kill. It beats standing around watching and waiting for the arrivals and departure screen to update. is so simple that even young kids can use it, and be entertained by it. Even if you do not have the flight number or airline, they offer a quick and easy to use search system to locate what you are looking for. Beyond that, they offer flight planning guides, resources for pilots, news about the airline industry, and a full map of every major airport that is currently experiencing delays. There is even a weather report for the major cities. Anyone that is a regular traveler should stop by flight for a look at least, and people that regularly deal with travelers would be even better advised to do so.

Tru Loved is a heart warming story following a slice of life of the heroine Tru and how she lives in what many would consider a less than normal life. Tru herself is by all means your average sixteen year old high school girl except for the fact she has two moms, and two dads! Yes, this is a gay themed movie, but it goes far beyond being just that, it is about love, acceptance, and friendship.

Tru is masterfully played by Najarra Townsend who has also appeared in Me and You and Everyone We Know, Cut, and Electronica. She is accompanied by a stellar cast including Jane Lynch (Talladga Nights, The 40 Year Old Virgin), Bruce Villanche, George Takei, Matthew Thompson, Alec Mapa, Jasmine Guy (TV’s A different World), and a stellar selection of supporting thespians. Stewart Wade who was recognized as one of “Outfest” 2006 “Five in Focus” wrote this wonderful story which was brought to life by the producer/director team of Antonio Brown and Howard Wexler.

As the story begins one might imagine Tru is going to be a lesbian, but we soon see that maybe that isn’t so and the story centers on life with lesbian mothers. Just as soon as we take comfort in that yet another curveball comes our way and we see the story is really about Tru’s role in helping spread acceptance of the gay community, specifically an individual, to an otherwise ignorant and seemingly hostile school. To find out the details you wil have to watch the movie, but you will find yourself falling in love with Tru and her family and friends in such a manner that you simply cannot tear yourself from the screen or trying to guess every twist and turn.

While it does address some sensitive and timely issues there is no lack of humor. Bruce Villanche serves as fabulously as ever in the role of Tru’s boyfriends father and delivers laughs every time he enters the frame. The comedy is not limited to him however as Jasmin Guy’s deadpan delivery makes exchanges with her mother Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura of Star Trek) golden moments you will want to see again. The manner humor is blended with serious issues keeps this flowing in an amazing fashion and prevents it from ever feeling too deep or somber.

Tru Loved was premiered in June in conjunction with Gay Pride events around the United States and is set for a more wide spread release in the very near future according to entertainment e-zines. It may miss many small/median markets due to it’s lack of “super star” power and subject matter but should find it’s way into most major markets, especially those with a strong LGBT community. Whether you catch it in the theater or have to wait for it to come out on dvd your money will be well spent.

You will see a part of yourself in this movie whether gay or straight, young or old. You will walk away better informed on issues surrounding the gay community and you will definitely walk away entertained! This should be on everyone list of not only must see independent films, but must see films period.

Trust is built in a gay relationship the same way it is in any other type of relationship: It is earned. Trust takes time to be built in any form of relationship whether it be between too co-workers, friends, family members, or intimate partners. The fact that a gay relationship is composed of two people of the same sex in no way means that those two people do not deal with the same issues as any heterosexual relationship, nor that they do not need the same reassurances and time to reach a point in which they can feel safe confiding in one another and feeling comfortable depending on each other.

The manner trust is built is a long process as in this day and age few adults freely give this wondrous gift away. As we age we look back on life and see too many instances in which we placed our trust in the hands of another only to see it shattered. As such the process of allowing someone to earn our trust takes longer and becomes more complex with each instance of this happening.When you add in the element of intimacy it is an even bigger mess many times.

We earn trust one action at a time. We begin by honest with one another, we share our good and our bad. We reciprocate this action and then build upon it one small block at a time. We don’t betray each other’s confidence, instead we safeguard it as if it were the most precious of our possessions, because in all reality it is. Sure you may not be able to hold in your hands or see it, but it does exist and it is as valuable as anything in the world.

We maintain trust by realizing that earning trust is not enough in and of itself, it has to be maintained and nurtured. This is done by continuing to share with each other and guarding those secrets meant to only be between the two partners. It is maintained by showing good faith and trusting your partner to make decisions that impact you both rather than always feeling the need to be in control. It grows exponentially when you show trust in your partner by trusting those whom they trust as well whether it be their family or oldest friend.

You allow your partner to go about their life as they did before you met, you don’t try to contort them to address your own insecurities. You let them see their friends and go about their social life as they always have without checking up behind them and grilling them with questions just because they failed to answer a phone call or came home fifteen minutes late. You put faith in them that they are with you because they choose to be with you. In the final analysis, you build trust by doing the most difficult thing of all, you give your trust away and believe that it will be returned.

Everyone has had or eventually will have some lousy online experiences – not so much for the content, but sometimes because of site design or similar issues that ruin the user experience. As Firefox has become a more popular browser, they have steadily increased the number of addon features to provide users the best experience possible. In many cases, people don’t even know they are available, but they sure could benefit from them.

NoSquint ends the days of unreadable text. Whether it be that the text on the page is too small, or maybe the color scheme is awful and makes a page hard to view, No Squint will set everything straight and present a page just the way you want it to be.

If you spend a lot of time downloading material of any kind while you are online, DownThemAll is a perfect addon for you. Not only does it increase download speed by as much as 400%, it serves as an advanced download manager allowing you to easily track progress, pause and resume downloads on demand, or download all links and/or images on a single page with just one click.

ClickCutter Auto Copy ends the need for right clicking to copy or using keyboard shortcuts. With ClickCutter all you need to do is just highlight what you want to copy and it will automatically go to your clipboard with no other steps needed.

If you use multiple browsers and are always sick of not having all of your bookmarks synched up, Xmarks is the answer to your problem. It not only synchs your bookmarks, it provides you with site information like how popular a site is, how many people have bookmarked it, and all sorts of neat little tidbits about whatever it is you’ve bookmarked.

FastestFox will make your browsing experience faster by downloading the following the page that follows the one you are currently viewing if the pages appear as a series. It will continue doing this until the series of pages ends meaning that navigating through a document for instance is almost instant.

Adblock Plus is nearly essential for any web surfer providing a myriad of options to customize what ads get through and more importantly which ones don’t. If you’re not sure what to block, or just don’t want to go through the hassle of blocking everything as you encounter it, you can specify a “subscription” which will automatically block the most commonly reported annoying ads.

Firefox offers plenty of options for addons to do all sorts of things to improve your web browsing experience. Some are decidedly more useful than others, but these few can really make a positive change to the web browsing experience of nearly all users. The best thing is if you try one out and don’t like it, they are all very easy to remove without having to jump through a series of annoying and cryptic steps.

Divorce is riddled with pain, anxiety, and a host of questions that usually don’t have answers. What went wrong? When did we stop talking and start tuning each other? Was it my fault more so than I’m willing to admit? Then you add in the issues of property division, perhaps custody, and of course you can’t forget the financial impact on each of you. What about your friends? Will they be divided amongst you like so many other things have, or is it possible they can still remain parts of each of your lives even if you have split from one another?

The social stigma that comes with divorce is something that often goes overlooked. With so many other things going on we rarely if ever step back and think about how we will be impacted in that area of our lives. For the most part we just assume life will go on as it always has when it comes to our friends because friends always stand by your side through good and bad right? That’s not necessarily true when divorce is a factor. Sometimes it is such an issue when a couple divorces; it causes problems for the friends of the dissolving couple as well.

Too often they feel compelled to choose which creates tension not only in the way they interact with the divorcing couple, but amongst that circle of friends. Spouses sometimes can’t agree on how to handle the situation and see the divorce in a totally different light. Sometimes those friends can’t decide what to do and withdraw from each member of the divorcing couple completely. They then have a sense of loss and anxiety as well. Sometimes they only intend to step back until things settle, but then never weave back into the active life of other of the divorcing parties and slowly fade to little more than a memory.

Of course you can’t forget the way even the new people you meet look at you a little differently when they find out you’re divorced. It’s not as bad as it once was years ago when divorce was still more taboo, but the stigma still exists. You can almost hear what people are thinking when they find out. It is as if they are thinking “you failed.” They would almost certainly never say it aloud, but that is often the first thought that seems to come to mind. They wonder what kind of relationship you can offer anyone if you couldn’t make the most important one in your life work.

It’s a fact of life that friends often come and go in our lives for any number of reasons. When it is due to divorce it is doubly painful because it is the double the loss. It is like going to the doctor and finding out your heart just went bad, and then a month later finding out your lungs are shot too. Fortunately a spouse and friends are a bit easier to replace than a heart and lungs, but the pain is just as real.

Dating can be a challenge because again there are people that look at a divorcee as a failure. They wonder deep within the back of their mind if they will just quit when things get hard? If they wouldn’t save their marriage, why will they fight to save any other relationship? Of course not everyone thinks that way thankfully and sometimes after knowing a person better that anxiety is eased, but enough do that it is an issue. Some even use it as cannon fodder when disagreements arise, throwing it in the divorcee’s face as a means of hurting them. It is all too sad but true.

Because of nothing more than being unable to make a marriage work there will be old friends you lose. By the same token there will be potentially new friends that will always judge you differently as if you had a huge “D” for divorced stamped on your forehead. It is an outdated and trivial stigma yet divorced people live with it every day until they die. The stigma of divorce touches everything in life.

Not all celebrations around the world are what many would consider traditional. Some are so down right odd that they beg to experienced at least once if possible, some over and over however depending on your tastes. Whether some of the festivals that will be explored here seem a little odd, maybe a lot odd, or just down right nuts is an individual perspective, but it doesn’t change the fact that attending any of them would certainly be a load of fun.

The World Beard and Moustache Championship will next take place in Trondheim, Norway in 2011. The event is biennial with most participating countries holding a national championship to form their team in the off years. All told their are eighteen categories to compete in with individual medals awarded in each (Gold/Silver/Bronze) as well as a team competition based on nationality. At this time the U.S. is considered the beard and moustache “superpower” having decidedly won the last competition.

How do you feel about food fights? How about one of the biggest food fights in the world held in Ivrea, Italy each year aptly named the Battle of the Oranges? A tradition in Italy dating back to the days of feudal lords was that they would dispense food, sometimes of questionable quality, to to the poor. In most cases the poor threw it back refusing to accept the handouts. This all came to a head in 1266 when the peasants rebelled. Now each year to commemorate that the town hosts a food fight consisting of only oranges that some 3,000 people take part in. Initially beans were thrown however in the 1800’s some people began throwing oranges and it caught on. Some people stand on carts to represent the guards while the rest of the people symbolize the peasants. This isn’t to be confused with Tomatina in Spain, but it is very similar.

If you think your wife is worth her weight in beer, and want to take a stab at winning a supply of beer equal to her weight then you need to take a trip to Sonkajavri, Finland. Each year an event centered around the legend of Ronkainen the Robber takes place in which men carry their wives through a 253 meter course aiming for the fastest time. Where this gets fun is the course is not some lame run over flat ground as there are hazards, including a water portion that is waist deep for most competitors. There are wooden hurdles, and plenty of little obstacles aside from having to carry your wife (or any woman over 17 and 108 pounds) to ensure this is far more fun their annual mosquito swatting contest. The race takes place each July and hotels fill up fast with some 12,000 attending last years event.

In the move Cabin Boy David Letterman said “Hey kid, ya wanna buy a monkey?” This annual festival is a bit different in that no monkey is for sale, but rather they are the guests of honor at the Monkey Buffet in Lopiburi province located about 3 hours north of Bangkok. There is not a monkey on the menu, they are the ones being fed, somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 kilos of fruit and vegetables! This is held on the last weekend in November and is done because the locals believe this is a way of bringing them good fortune. It costs 30 baht to attend and you are provided a stick to gently swat away any monkeys that get unruly as some are known to be very gifted thieves stealing everything from hair clips to earrings. Also be on the watch for flying poo as monkeys that take in a lot of fiber a prone to two things; defecating, and throwing it.

Of course there are many far better known celebrations that some consider unusual such as the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, the Roswell UFO Festival, and of course the Burning Man Festival, but these are a few off the beaten path that make for a great time. As always plan in advance and let go of your normal inclination to shy away from the bizarre and just embrace the strange to have the most fun possible.

Without a doubt one of the most powerful and seductive features on a woman’s face is her eyes, if they are done correctly. Properly applied eye makeup like the celebrities style can turn you from plain Jane to a siren that can beckon suitors with the wink of an eye. The best thing is that making up your eyes like a celebrity doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take an inordinate amount of time. In fact with practice you can give your eyes the look your favorite celebrity has in under twenty well spent minutes.

The first thing you must do is use quality makeup. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but the dollar store offerings are not going to cut it. You don’t want anything that is going to smear, run or clump before you get out the door. The second thing is to know your colors. No matter how great a job you do of applying your eye makeup, if the colors are not complimentary to you the effort is going to be wasted. If you do not know what your colors are go to the makeup department of any major store and ask the counter representative. It is well worth the time.

Once you know what colors to use make sure have everything you need which will be eyeliner, shadow, mascara, and an eyelash curler. Make sure your face is clean and free of oils, and sit in front of a good lighted makeup mirror. Keep a bit of tissue on hand just in case you make a mistake.

Assuming your eyebrows are already plucked or waxed to the shape you prefer, the first thing is to use concealer just below the eyes to insure that the full tone of your face is uniform and to remove any dark circles you may have. I know it sounds basic but it is important and sometimes it is easy to forget. Also it is easier to do this before working on your eyes than after as you do not want to accidentally smudge your eyes after you just finished them.

The next step is applying the eyeliner. Use a liquid liner on the inner rim of the eye (Just above the lashes) working from the inside (nearest the nose) out. Use long steady strokes to get an even line rather than starting and stopping which can cause a jagged look. Do the bottom of one eye, the the bottom of the next. By the time the second is done the first eye will be dry enough to move back and do the top lids. Again start at the inside and work out in a long even stroke. Make this line slightly thicker than the bottom. It is a point of personal preference as to how far to the inside of the eye you bring the line. If you want the fully framed look that is fine, just do not go over the tear duct.

With the liquid liner in place. A pencil eyeliner comes into play. Make sure it matches the color of the liquid eyeliner you used or you run the risk of creating a clownish look which is too busy and calls attention to the wrong area of the eye. A pencil liner which has a little glitter is best. Again starting at the inside working out, apply a very thin line under the eyelashes. Be sure to not go too thick, this should be very subtle.

Now you are ready to apply your eyeshadow. For the truly glamorous celebrity look you will be using three to four shades to really make your eyes pop. Maybeline’s Dramatic Look line is excellent for this and comes in a wide variety of pre-matched shades for any eye color which are marked so you know exactly what shade is used on each part of the eye.

Using the provided applicator dab the appropriate color for the crease of the eye. The crease is the region between the brow bone and the lid. This color will be slightly darker than the color applied to the lid and create depth. For example if you are going to use a gray tone on the lid, a deep silver would go well in the crease. Work from the inside out insuring you do not overlap onto the lid. Stop just before reaching the outermost point of the eye.

Next you will apply shade to the brow bone. This is the area between the crease and your eyebrows. Staying with the previously mentioned color scheme, something along the lines of an eggshell white will be thinly applied. Use just enough to cover but not so much it calls attention to itself. This is used to create enhanced depth and provide continuity to the area.

Next you will apply shadow to the eyelid. In this example a metallic gray will be used. Apply from the inside out but leave the outermost quarter of the eyelid untouched. In this quadrant you will change shades to a dark blue. Use this to cover the untouched area on the corner of the lid and a gentle dab to the vacant area where it meets the crease. You’re almost there!

Next apply a good quality waterproof mascara. Whether or not you use something beforehand to thicken or lengthen the lashes is personal preference. If your lashes are particularly short or thin you will want to volumize them. Either way, you will then apply the mascara in even strokes gently moving the wand side to side as you work it through. This helps keep your lashes from sticking and clumps from forming. Once your lashes are done to your satisfaction use an eyelash curler to help give the eye a more open appearance.

The final step is also a point of personal taste some celebrities use which is drawing in “cat’s eyes” on the outside of the eye. This is just a thin line made from the outer corner of the eye using a liquid or pencil eyeliner although liquid is best. For a person with a wide eye this helps the eye appear to a bit thinner and less startled. Depending on the event you are preparing for this isn’t always necessary. For an elegant evening out it looks great, for going to work it’s not all that necessary.

Follow these simple tips and you can give your eyes the look of your favorite starlet. With a bit of practice this process will become second nature and you can experiment with changing hues to fit anything you are wearing and always look glamorous. The most important things to remember are to know your colors and use quality makeup.